About us

Prices for 2017 (prices in swedish krona and local taxes included)

Suggestions and prices here below. Just send us an email with your wishes, we will get back to you within a few hours.

Special packages for hikers and short retreats.

  • Hike with the beech forest in mind (one night), price from 1075:-/pp
  • Hike over ancient vulvcanos (one night), price from 1075:-/pp
  • Hikingweekend with a touch of the pilgrims (two nights) price from 1900:-/pp
  • Retreat within our forets hotel (one night), price from 1270:-/pp

  • Overnight stay with youth hostel standard 495:-/pp
  • Beddings 119:-/pp
  • Ingredients for cooking dinner over open fires 125:-/pp
  • Ingredients for cooking breakfast over open fires 85:-/pp
  • Ingredients for cooking lunch over open fires 85:-/pp
  • Prepared soup for heating including bread 85:-/pp
  • Cheesebag with local cheese 95:-/p
  • Endcleaning 115:-/pp

Prices for Naturhotellstandard 2017 (possible to book for groups larger than 8 persons)

  • Overnight stay with Naturhotellstandard 1495:-/pp. This standard includes an outdoor experience with supported outdoor cooking with local ingredients and full board ingredients for breakfast. Your yllehydda will be fully prepared with proprer made beds. This standard can be booked for groups more then 8 persons

Feel fre to add also those additives when booking with Naturhotellstandard

  • Ingredients for cooking lunch over open fires 85:-/pp
  • Prepared soup for heating including bread 85:-/pp
  • Cheesebag with local cheese 95:-/p

This is a place for fellowship and serenity with your nature experience in focus. Here you can enjoy hiking on fantastic trails, follow the natural light, practice to cook your own meals in our well-equipped outdoor kitchen or just listen to the silence and to the forest.

Nyrups Naturhotell is a place for a sustainable tourism and adventure travel in Sweden. We work systematically to minimize our impact in the environment. We provide local and ecologically grown products for your cooking, and our aim is to in the future be able to leave the forest without any trace of our business. Of course we are members of the Swedish association for ecotourism companies (Ekoturismföreningen), the Swedish Tourism Association (Svenska Turistföreningen) and the association for empolyers in the Swedish tourism industry (VISITA).

When you book your stay you will sleep in your own “room” in the forest and in proper beds. We anticipate for everything you need in your outdoor experience and you can easily build your experience from your needs. In or base offer you book your bed and then you add ingredients for dinner, lunch, breakfast, beddings and end cleaning. If you add all additives you will have a very comfortable stay in the forest, just bring clothes after season!

Our toilets are very basic, using latrine compost – please feel free to pee behind a bush! Of course not leaving any traces and with handwashing!

We do not give you electricity, running water, central heat or internet. Instead we give you silence, fellowship and presence.