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Close to Nature. For real.

A two-night stay that’s the signum for Nyrups Naturhotell. All you need for the stay is included, we introduce you to all details at arrival. And day two you just enjoy being a fully skilled guest, working just naturally with all chores. Price from 2960 SEK/person.

Here you get really close to each other, cooking over the outdoor fires, fall asleep under the stars listening to the sounds of nature. Enjoy a slow breakfast with long talks and stillness. Embrace the nature on a lovely hike (5-15 kilometres) or just walk to the lake and have a bath, sit for a while beside the small stream or just dwell in the silence and remoteness.

Of course, there are a lot of sweet spots to visit if you rather want to leave the forest and investigate the surroundings – beautiful castles, small farm shops, Skånes Djurpark, National Parks and nice places to enjoy local food at – we can give you all tips you need for your stay.

In the afternoon you’ll have a fresh basket with ingredients for the cooking of your evening meal

To travel here: You can choose between arrival by train to Höör and local bus to Frostavallen and then hike the last five kilometres to the Naturhotell, following our instructions. Or you can choose to arrive by car to our parking lot in the forest and hike the last kilometre to the Naturhotell. You’ll find al trains and busses at

Hiking weekend with a pilgrim theme

A proper two-nights hiking weekend – but very comfortable, all you need is included and you’ll only bring clothes for the stay. Enjoy a genuine forest adventure with fantastic sceneries and hiking in rolling beech tree forest. Here you have plenty of time to investigate the beautiful surroundings. Leave the car at home – the package is built on arrival by train and bus. Price from 3050 SEK/person.

You’ll hike for approximately 5 km (3 miles) to reach Nyrups Naturhotell. It’s a fairly smooth hike, with some hilly passages. At the Nature Hotel, you’ll find fresh produce and tips on how to prepare your food over the open fires. Make the bed with our soft sheets and fall asleep to the soft murmurs of the beech trees.

After having made your breakfast you’ll pack up your groceries and a field kitchen, on which you’ll cook your lunch.

The hike spans 17 km (10,5 miles) and requires intermediate skills. It runs along beautiful paths and magnificent scenery. In the evening, you’ll cook your supper over an open fire at the Naturhotell.

In the morning of the third day, you’ll prepare breakfast and then pack some sandwiches and drinks for lunch for the hike. Having checked out, you’ll walk towards Hallaröd’s church along the easily accessible Pilgrim route (about 18 km or 11 miles) which will bring you to Höör.

To travel here: To enjoy this experience, you’ll travel by train to the train station in Höör and then catch the local bus to Frostavallen. You’ll find timetables for the buses at

Enjoy the beech woods in MittSkåne

This is our only one night stay experience. Please note that we mostly work with two nights’ experiences, so this package “Enjoy the beech wood” is only possible to book at some special dates. If you don’t find any open dates when you press “book”, please return closer to your wished arrival date, we’ll release new dates regularly.

“Enjoy the beech woods” is the right experience if you want to stay just one night at Nyrups Naturhotell. Everything is included, so just pack clothes for the stay. Cook your dinner over open fires, fall asleep to the sounds of nature and wake up to the bright natural light and bird song. Return to your everyday life after breakfast! Price from 1480 SEK/person.

Come to Nyrups Naturhotell and enjoy the stillness and presence of the beech tree forest. 

After your introduction to the Naturhotell in the afternoon, your ingredients for outdoor cooking over the fires are waiting for you. 

Enjoy the cooking and the tasty dinner and fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the trees – dwelling in your comfortable hut. After a long breakfast, you’re going to leave the forest behind you and return to the normal life. In this experience, everything is prepared for you and you only need to bring clothes for the stay.

To travel here: If you combine this experience with arrival by train and bus you’ll get an absolutely magical “away from it all experience” If so, you’re going to hike five kilometres from (and back too) the bus station following our instructions. You’ll find the schedule for the local train and bus at

Relax at Nyrup’s Nature Hotel

A bit more luxury two-night stay at Nyrups Naturhotell. You’ll enjoy the serenity and fellowship while focusing on the here and now – and you’ll also enjoy local cheese and have the opportunity to try shorter or longer hikes in the area. Price from 3080 SEK/person.

You’ll put your car at the parking lot in the forest close to the Naturhotell, and after a short walk, you’ll reach Nyrups Naturhotell, where you’ll be greeted with Swedish handmade cheese and a glass of non-alcoholic refreshments.

As the evening falls, you’ll cook carefully selected produce over an open fire, before allowing the whispers of the wind lull you to sleep in the soft bed.

On the second day, you can choose between different hiking trails, all from 5 up to 15 kilometres in length.

Or maybe you just want to stroll to the lake and enjoy the views and have a bath?

You’ll prepare your lunch either on the hiking tour or at the large hut Älvan.

Following a last solid breakfast, cooked over an open fire, you’ll leave the forest behind you and walk back to your normal life.

Magical full moon at Nyrup

Surprise someone you love with a two nights magical full moon experience where the romance is in focus. See the moon sprinkle silver light throughout the woods and enjoy a moonlight walk before you fall asleep to the sound of the forest in your cosy woollen hut. Price from 3200 SEK/person.

When you arrive at Nyrup’s Nature Hotel, your woollen hut is especially romantic prepared. The full moon menu consists of luxurious local produce and is easy for you to prepare. If desired you can enjoy your dinner in privacy in your own woollen hut.

The full moon is a magical experience in the forest – if you’re lucky you will see the moon sprinkle silver throughout the forest through the roof window in your yurt. Perhaps you go for a lunar light stroll down to the brook together.

The breakfast is served “on the bed” – we knock on your door with the breakfast tray on appointment.

During the day you’ll then enjoy hiking in fantastic beech forest. After a day’s walk, the dinner basket is prepared with ingredients for the evening dinner that you’ll cook over the open fires in the outdoor kitchen.

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