Day trips

Day hike on marked hiking trails 
with prepared outdoor cooking

Are you longing for a daytrip?

Plan for a day of hiking and combine it with outdoor cooking – perfect for a day outdoor with your family or partner – or maybe the whole group of friends will come along? Here you can hike between 5, 5 + 5 and up to about 18 kilometers and only carry your water and maybe a snack if you choose a longer trip. When you arrive at Nyrups Naturhotell, we have prepared your ingredients so that you can cook your lunch or bake pancakes over the outdoor kitchen fires! Simply the perfect day trip during spring, summer and autumn!

Nyrups Naturhotell is the perfect node for a day trip – with the location in the middle of Skåne, you can easily get in position for a wonderful hike either by taking a train or bus to Höör or take the car to our parking lot in the woods – we’ll send you a map with instructions for arrival.

You can choose between Sunday lunch where you walk between 5 + 5, 7 + 5 or about 18 kilometers and where you cook a two-course lunch together. Or try Pancake Hike where you hike about 4 kilometers and arrange a pancake meal  over the fires?

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