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Day trips

Day trips

Are you longing for a different and fun day trip?

Nyrups Naturhotell is located in the middle of the beech forest near a lovely hiking area with fine hiking trails. Here you can book fun day trips where you combine hiking with outdoor cooking or maybe hiking with a forest sauna experience? Suitable time for the day trip is between 3 and six hours depending on what you choose.

The day trips in the beech forest suit both adults and children, and you know that you can use public transport to get to Nyrups Naturhotell? Then you start from Höör and take the bus to Frostavallen and hike the last five kilometers based on our descriptions.

Sunday excursion

A perfect combination of hiking in the beech forest and cooking over an open fire. Here you hike from Höör or from Frostavallen and when you arrive at Nyrups Naturhotell we have a lovely basket of ingredients that you cook together over an open fire. Enjoy the food under the crowns of the trees or in our gathering wool hut Älvan and round off when the conversations feel complete. When you’ve tidied up, you hike back to Frostavallen or Höör.

We help you plan so that the hike is not exactly the same “to and from” us. Here, the hike is between 5, 7 or 15 kilometers single way, so in total it will be between 10 kilometers and maybe closer to 20 kilometers if you want it a little more challenging.

A suitable start is often around 10 o’clock if you hike from Frostavallen or from Höör. The end time naturally varies depending on how far you want to hike in the beech forest, as I said, we help you to puzzle based on the season and the composition of the group. But in the simplest arrangement, a Sunday outing is approximately between 10.00 and 15.30.

Pancake hike

A pancake hike is a perfect combination of a forest walk or easy family hike and an exciting time together by the fires. Here you can choose to start from our car park in the forest or from Frostavallen. From our car park, the walk will be a total of about five kilometers during the day and from Frostavallen it will be a total of 10 kilometers during the day.

In the plan, you hike the main part before you arrive at Nyrups Naturhotell. Everything is here for a fantastic time by the fires, where you prepare and bake pancakes on the fire. Of course, there is jam and cream and, depending on the season, also fresh berries for the pancakes so that it becomes a real pancake party.

Often the children and young people become the best pancake makers and we promise a hot and fun experience by the fires for the whole family! We also help you with planning and description so that you can find your way on the hike.

A good start time is around 10 o’clock, when the energy is usually enough to also prepare the pancake batter and bake the pancakes before hunger strikes. Often you are done with the pancake party and have picked up and reached our car park around 3pm.

Enjoy the forest in our sauna and bath house

Choose between just enjoying a moment in the bath house and in the forest sauna – or combine it with hiking or a meal experience. Our bathhouse is called Verdandi for a reason – an old Nordic word meaning “the present”.

In Verdandi you follow the rituals for washing and enjoy hot water, spruce soap and washing yourself almost ritually in our washing booths. Then follows a moment in the forest sauna, where the wood-fired sauna offers a genuine Nordic sauna experience.

There is cold water at the back to cool off with and maybe you take a little foot bath on the gable before you leave Verdandi to go out into everyday life again.

Start with a hike and you will get an overall experience in the beech forest. You can hike to and from Nyrups Naturhotell from either Frostavallen or Höör (five or seven kilometers) – or you choose to start from our parking lot in the forest, where you can easily reach fantastic hiking trails for a hike between about 4 and 12-15 kilometers. We help you plan based on your conditions.

Round off with a dining experience with local cheese or a prepared soup – a nature experience makes you hungry and we are happy to arrange a plate of local cheese or a soup with seasonal ingredients for you to enjoy after your time in Verdandi. You heat the soup over the fire and enjoy it under the crowns of the trees.

The bathhouse is an afternoon experience, and depending on the arrangement, a good starting time is probably between 1 and 3 p.m. The minimum time for the daily activity is about three hours, and if you combine both hiking and a meal experience, the activity can take up to about six hours.

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