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Nyrups Naturhotell is a form of an ecohotel.

Our mission is to offer a vacation with minimal footprint and to be a place for inspiration around sustainable travels. This means that we’ll provide you with the most local ingredients and meals completely based on the offers for the season. A lot of all our equipment is bought second hand, we use the environmentally best cleaning chemicals and our toilets work with wooden pellets and compost.

We use biofuel for most of the transports and our heaters run on biodiesel for most of the year. 

But it also means that the vegetables are in focus and that the meat will come in smaller servings – but always with very high class and most often based on game or from 100% grazing animals. If you’re looking for a vacation or travel experience with a high sustainability standard, it is hard to choose a better trip than to get on the train and hike the last path to the Naturhotell.

As a Swedish company, we are based on the high social standard as employers and we also work a lot to connect with and support local business and the society as a whole.

Corona / Covid-19
We’re closely monitoring the evolution of the virus and the restrictions that national and regional authorities have issued / will issue. Our risk assessment shows that Nyrups Naturhotell in reality has a very low risk of transmission of infection between guests when the guest is at Naturhotellet – Naturhotellet is completely outdoors and we have very few guests at a time and very low turnover of guests during, for example, a weekend or a conference. As long as the guests are healthy and infection-free when they come to us, our assessment is that a thorough and frequent hand wash for each guest and reinforced routines with disinfection of contact surfaces in public spots will secure a good protection.

But of course there is an imminent risk that we will catch the infection by having a guest carrying it into the Naturhotell. We will therefore request that all guests the day before arrival fill out a health declaration and bring it to the Naturhotellet. We will keep these health declarations for the time required to ensure an infection-free and, in the worst case, traceable situation. When the virus is under control nationally and regionally, the health declarations will be destroyed.

Should the situation require cancellation of the stay, we will of course try to solve this with an altered booking to a date later in the first place.

Our efforts at the time of writing (2020-03-12) are in a short summary;

– all guests will need to fill out a health declaration the day before arrival and bring in paper form at arrival. In the declaration, the guest will need to certify that they have not been visiting any infected areas within two weeks prior to arrival, that they have not been close to an individual with known infection of Covid-19 and that they are completely symptom-free at arrival. The guest also needs to certify that they’ll perform frequent hand washing during the stay. A link to the health declaration will be sent to the person who booked the stay, so keep an eye on the email

– we will only offer paper napkins at toilets and hand-washing stations.

– we’ll develop´ our cleaning routines so that general surfaces, eg handles, wash basins and similar are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide during cleaning

– we continue to provide both soap and hand disinfection at the washing stations

The above points may be supplemented with recommendations on travel choices for arrival. We’ll also follow the recommendations of, for example, the public health authority and the county administrative board on an ongoing basis and will of course adjust our plans and take further measures if needed in the future.

We provide activities for groups. Guided nature experiences as Volcano hike, Ant safari or Bat safari. Professional tree climbing or fantastic cheese strolls with unique taste experiences in the forest.
Outdoor kitchen
The outdoor kitchen consists of four wooden fires, one wooden outdoor grill, work areas, washing station and a special place for hand wash. In the outdoor kitchen, you’ll cook your food with our equipment. We provide casseroles, frying pans, all utilities and everything you need for outdoor cooking.
Dishware and glasses
In our common hut Älvan, we provide plates, glasses and cutleries for up to 20 persons, for all guests to use during the stay.
We have a small gas-cooled refrigerator.

Our goal is to encourage cooking over the fires, so the breakfast consists mainly of cooked dishes. Maybe you would like to try pancakes, try a different kind of porridge, make a luxurious version of scrambled eggs on locally and environmental classed eggs and cream? Of course, we also have some yoghurt, maybe you’ll try to make a topping of roasted grains with honey? We also prepare some sourdough bread, local cheese and marmalade and maybe a local sausage. Coffee, tea and apple must is lovely drinks in the morning.

We provide coffee and tea for all guests – special outdoor “kokkaffe”, instant coffee and different tea bags.
Basket with ingredients
If you have added (or if you book a package) the basket with local ingredients for outdoor cooking, the basket is ready to use around 16 a’clock. The basket contains local ingredients for a two course dinner with guidelines for a successful outdoor cooking. We provide ingredients for vegetarians and for different allergies, but we must be informed when the stay is booked, we don’t store ingredients at the Naturhotell. Local soft drinks are included in the dinner.
We do not offer totally vegan menus, but vegetarian menu is offered as a standard. Just tell us that you want vegetarian menu when you book your stay.
When ordered we love to prepare a vegetarian menu. As we want the group to help each other and carry out all the cooking together (this is a very conscious part of the experience), the vegetarian menu sometimes can be offered to the whole group, depending on the season and menu.
Children's menu
We do not offer special menus for kids, but as we adjust the menu to every group, the food usually will be suitable for kids also. Children should be allowed to work together with adults in the outdoor kitchen – and as the food in that way is cooked by kids also, the food will be enjoyed of everyone in the group.
Bus and trains
Do not hesitate to go by train to Höör and then take the local bus to Frostavallen. From the bus stop you will have five kilometers of nice forest hiking to Naturhotellet. We’ll send you a map for the hiking. You’ll find the schedule for the bus on this link (pdf) and the schedule for the train on the website of Skånetrafiken.
Your dog can follow to Nyrups Naturhotell, we have two woolen huts where dogs are allowed. You must keep your dog on a leash “inside” the Naturhotell in order not to disturb other guests. Just add “dog” in our booking system (50:-/dog and  night).
Drinking water
We provide water cans inside every small woolen hut and inside our common hut Älvan.
Water for washing up
We provide cans with water suitable for washing up outside the common hut Älvan and in the outdoor kitchen. Hot water can be collecten in the tank from the wooden stove in Älvan,
You are welcome to use our forest shower. You find the shower bad and towels in Älvan where you also mix your own water.
NOT glamping

Nyrup’s Naturhotell is not a spot for luxurious glamping. We’re a place for unique presence in nature and total fellowship, where our guests are completely involved in the stay and co-create the experience together. A very fine balance between comfort, back to basic and a true nature experience. Simply “Close to nature. For real”.

All our guests pee in the woods, but our proper functioning dry toilets are there for your other needs. If you’re having your period, put your pads in the garbage can by the toliets, not in the toilet – we compost the content from the toilets. You can wash your hands outside the toilets and at the stations for washing up in the outdoor kitchen.
Bird song
Will surely wake up all guests early, especially in the spring.
Wild bore
They are well present in the forest, but avoid the Naturhotell.
Elk normally roam over huge areas, but eventually pass through the Naturhotell.
One of the most common animals in the beech forest is the yellow necked mouse and also the forest vole. We have developed many tricks in order to protect our things from mouses, but they still are curious sometimes. Chocolate can be hard to resist (we use chocolate for our mouse traps in autumn and spring), but most often they are also very careful and shy and are usually not visible when we have guests.
Our beds are normal beds from Ikea with a nice spring mattress, blanket, pillow and wool blanket. You can add beddings in your booking (or just book one of our packages), then everything is prepared for you at arrival.
Find your way
It is not possible to find the way to Nyrups Naturhotell on your own, all our guests will get special instructions before arrival. If you book one of our special experiences, you will get a special welcome package. All guests will also get instructions before arrival, both in the booking confirmation and in special text messages. Please notice that every guest hike the last kilometer to the Naturhotell. If you arrive by car, your car will be parked around one kilometer away from the Naturhotell.
Check in
Your time for check in is between 14 and 16. This is very important, every guest get a personal introduction live at the Naturhotell at arrival.
Check out
On the day for departure, our time for check out is 11.
Your packing
Please use a proper backpack for easier carriage on your hike to the Naturhotell . You must realize that Nyrups Naturhotell is a genuine outdoor experience – you will be outside all the time, but a bit protected by our woolen huts. So adjust your clothes after weather and use underclothes or knickers in spring and autumn. Warm shoes and rain clothes, if necessary. Bring a pajamas for sleeping and maybe a thin cap. In spring and early summer, use long-sleeved shirts and trousers, we have mosquitos in the forest.
We do not have any electricity whatsoever at Nyrups Naturhotell. Bring your mobile phone, but keep it closed so your battery will last during your stay. We have a special phone for alarm to use in need.
We have a first aid kit, alarm phone, instructions for first aid and a well developed fire security in the Naturhotell.
Wine and other beverage
If you book with ingredients (or one of our packages) soft drink is included in the meal. You can bring your own wine or beer for the dinner. We can provide special packages with local wine and beer for groups.

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