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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Nyrups Naturhotell is a place in harmony with nature.

Our goal is to make as little impact as possible and to be an inspiration for sustainability. This means that we offer the most local ingredients, much of our equipment in the kitchens is purchased second-hand, we clean with soap, have eco-labelled washing-up liquid and our toilets work with the help of wood pellets and compost.

We do most of our transport with a biogas truck and our stoves are fueled most of the year with biodiesel.

But it also means that the vegetables are the main target in our menus and that the meat comes in slightly smaller portions – but of the highest quality and often game or with a focus on grass-grazing animals. If you’re looking for sustainable travel, it’s hard to get it more “right” than taking the train and bus and walking to us.

Of course we are members of VISITA and have a collective agreement, we also try to work through good leadership and co-workers. We cooperate with local suppliers and will over the years highlight and make visible our fantastic partners in MittSkåne.

Infection protection and Covid

We are closely following the progress of the virus and the restrictions that national and regional authorities have issued/will issue. Our risk assessment shows that Nyrup’s Naturhotell has a very low risk of transmission of infection once the guest is at the Naturhotellet.

The nature hotel is completely outdoors and we have very few guests at a time and a very low turnover of guests during, for example, a weekend or a conference. As long as the guests are healthy and infection-free when they come to us, our assessment is that enhanced hand washing of each guest and enhanced routines with disinfection of contact surfaces in public places constitute good protection against infection.

If you need to rebook for infection protection reasons, we will do it for you free of charge, in that case email boka@naturhotell.se

Important efforts for an infection-proof operation at Nyrups Naturhotell;

– We only offer paper napkins at toilets and hand washing stations.

– Our cleaning routines are reinforced so that public surfaces, such as handles, wash basins and the like, are disinfected with hydrogen peroxide during cleaning

– We continue to provide both soap and hand sanitizer at the washing stations

We also follow the recommendations from, for example, the Public Health Authority and the County Administrative Board on an ongoing basis and will of course adjust our plan if further measures are required in the future.


We arrange activities for groups. Guided nature experiences such as Volcano hiking, Ant crawl or Bat safari. Tree climbing with an arborist. Cheese walks with unique taste experiences in the forest.


Nyrups Naturhotell is located in the middle of the forest with no road leading here. We also don’t have ramps or similar. Many people can still come to us even if they have reduced mobility.

As long as you can walk on a fairly stony forest path, it usually works out. Contact us at boka@naturhotell.se and we will give you more information.

A tip is to choose late spring or summer until the end of August, then the darkness does not cause further problems. We are happy to invite a companion to spend the night with us!

The outdoor kitchen

The kitchen have several fires and a wood grill, workbenches and washing station as well as hand washing. We also have a fantastic Feuerring that many people get attached to when they are cooking. You use our equipment – we have pots, hobs, utensils and everything you need to cook and eat outdoors.

China and glassware

In our common wool hut Älvan, there are crockery, glasses and cutlery for approximately 20 people, which everyone uses when staying overnight.


We have a gas powered refrigerator.


We want to encourage cooking over the fires, so our breakfast consists largely of cooked dishes. Maybe you make pancakes, try a new kind of porridge, indulge yourself with scrambled eggs made with ECO-labelled eggs and cream? Of course we also have some yogurt, maybe you make your own muesli from seeds and honey? We also have local sourdough bread, some local charcuterie and cheese, marmalade and maybe some local sausage. Coffee, tea and apple cider are available as drinks.


Coffee and tea are available for all guests in the form of beans to grind yourself, instant coffee, and loose tea.

Raw food basket

If your reservation includes a raw food basket for dinner, it will be prepared and ready to use around 4 p.m. Here are fine local ingredients for a two-course dinner with tips and tricks for outdoor cooking over an open fire. We arrange vegetarian ingredients and, of course, ingredients that suit allergies and intolerances, but we must know this when booking. Local non-alcoholic drink is included in the dinner.

Allergies and dietary restrictions

Since we never use semi-finished products, we can easily adjust to different allergies. All menus are also adapted to the parties staying with us, so we must know all dietary restrictions when booking. We can never solve things on the spot, so remember to inform us when you book!


We are happy to offer vegan ingredients if this is reported at the time of booking. Please note, however, that our goal is to benefit local producers and thereby contribute to a more sustainable society, for that reason we never use semi-finished products (for example, soy-based or prepared mushroom alternatives) in our menus. Your vegan menu will therefore (like all menus) be locally adapted and most certainly differ a lot from what you might expect in other places.


Let us know when booking and we will arrange a vegetarian menu. We want the whole booked group to cook together as a conscious part of the experience, so this may sometimes mean that the whole group gets a vegetarian menu.

Children's menu

Unfortunately, we do not have specially adapted children’s menus, but the menu is adapted to the group, so we usually do not have a very strange menu suggestion if there are children in the group. Since the children help prepare food, it is usually eaten with a good appetite.

Bus and train

You can take the train to Höör and then take a local bus to Frostavallen, where it is about five kilometers of hiking to the Naturhotellet. We will be happy to send you a map for the hike. Bus timetable: Click here (pdf). Search for trains on Skånetrafiken’s website.


Nyrups Naturhotell is the dog-friendly hotel, so of course you can bring your dog to us, we have two wool huts where dogs are welcome. The dog must be kept on a leash within the area out of consideration for the other guests. Add a dog when you book, the price is SEK 50/dog and night.


There is drinking water in every sleeping hut and in the Älvan.

Dish water

We have washing up water by the river and in the outdoor kitchen. You get hot water from the wood stove inside the Älvan.

The very definition of glamping

Nyrups Naturhotell has existed since 2014 and was Skåne’s first “glamping” – the term still means different things to different people. We think Nyrups Naturhotell is the very definition of glamping based on its correct meaning from the words “glamorous camping”.

With a base in camping in nature, you have no threshold here at all, everything is prepared for you with a delicate balance between comfort and “genuine nature experience”. All inclusive or simply “Close to nature. For real.”


In the fall of 2022, Nyrup’s Naturhotell’s bathhouse premiered! 

Open the door and step into an experience of fire and water. Here you enjoy a Japanese-inspired (or actually Nordic historical) ablution with wood-heated hot water before landing in the wood-fired sauna – here it feels like you are sitting right in the forest.

The bathhouse is unisex, but we have kilts so everyone feels dressed up!

The whole experience is of course adapted to sustainability with a base in the Nordic tradition of brewhouses and brewers’ cabins.


All guests pee in the forest, but our fresh dry toilets are available for other needs. If you have your period, put pads and tampons in the waste bag in the toilet, not in the toilet seat; we compost the waste. Hand washing is available at the toilets and at the washing stations.


Wakes up all guests in the spring very early.

Wild boar

Can be found in the forest, but rarely enters the Naturhotell.


Moose wander over very large areas, and can occasionally pass through the Naturhotell.


Ett av de vanligaste djuren i bokskogen är skogsmöss eller skogssork. Vi har hittat många vägar att hålla undan våra saker på Naturhotellet från mössen, men de är nyfikna opportunister. Choklad luktar väldigt gott (vi använder bland annat choklad i våra musfällor höst och vår), men annars är de också rätt försiktiga och brukar inte synas i bild när vi har gäster, utom de år vi har musår. Det händer vart fjärde år och om inget oförutsett sker gissar vi att det blir 2024. Vi börjar med att sätta upp uggelholkar nu innan det väntade musåret och hoppas att vi kan kapa toppen lite grann.

Beds and bedlinen

The beds are comfortable Ikea beds with duvet, pillow and a woolen blanket as reinforcement. Sheets, pillowcases and towels are also in your hut when you arrive.

Find us

You can not find Nyrups Naturhotell on your own, all our guests receive special instructions before arrival. Please read your confirmation and our preparatory information carefully. Keep in mind that all guests walk to the Naturhotell, if you come by car, it will be parked about one kilometer from Nyrup’s Naturhotell.


Check-in is between 14 and 16. Plan this well in advance as all guests receive a personal introduction by our staff upon arrival.


Check-out is before 11 on the day of departure.


Please pack in a rucksack as it will be easier to carry when you walk the last bit to the Naturhotell. Keep in mind that Nyrups Naturhotell is a genuine outdoor experience – you are outside all the time, albeit somewhat protected in our woolen huts. Clothes according to the weather, underwear in spring and autumn, warm shoes, rain gear, preferably an extra underwear and a thin hat to sleep in – and in spring and early summer preferably long sleeves as protection against mosquitoes.


We have no electricity at all at Nyrups Naturhotell. Feel free to bring your mobile phone, but keep it switched off so that the battery lasts during your stay. We have an emergency phone if needed.


We have a first aid kit, emergency telephone, first aid instructions and fire protection in the facility.

Wine and beer

Non-alcoholic drinks are included in our menus. Feel free to bring another drink if you want it with the food. For groups, we are happy to arrange local drink packages.

Your own experience

We introduce all guests upon arrival, but the experience itself is based on the guests being in the forest by themselves. So we wave goodbye after check-in, or if we have a cooking session, when you sit down at the table.

Nyrups Naturhotell

Got questions? Let us know on boka@naturhotell.se

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