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Nyrups Naturhotell is a natural and unique place for team building, conferences, meetings and parties.

Nyrups Naturhotell is a natural and unique place for team building, conferences, meetings and parties.

A few days for team building, an outdoor conference or a management team meeting provide a hard-to-beat shared overall experience. Here you work together both physically and mentally and through our unique arrangement you get genuine nature experiences and activities built into the experience.

Here, the day conference will be unlike anything else you’ve tried, and if you stay for a day or two or try lunch for a lunch meeting, cooking over an open fire is a natural part of the experience.

Of course, you can also choose to add a supper preparation if you only have a day or half-day conference. Cooking over an open fire is the perfect team building, here everyone’s contribution is decisive for the final result. Then enjoying the food in the light of candles and oil lamps provides an unbeatable setting and a shared memory for life.

When you have team building, meetings or conferences at Nyrups Naturhotell, you are always alone in the place, so you get undisturbed conversations and unique opportunities to get to know everyone in the group on a deeper level.

A meeting without electricity requires preparation, but is at least as good as regular meetings. With a little planning and thought, you can create unique meetings at Nyrup’s Naturhotell. Feel free to build a hike or solitary reflection into the planning. We have specialist expertise in meeting planning with a particular focus on creative meetings and can help you as a sounding board or as a dialogue leader.

All groups can also enjoy different and fun activities – Tree climbing, Forest bathing or yoga, Cheese walk, Bat safari, Raw food safari before cooking or maybe a Volcano hike?

You can book your team building, conference or meeting in our booking system which you will find below. If you have any unclear questions, please fill out our form at this link and we will help you plan!

Nyrup’s Naturhotell as party venue – we promise a unique shared experience to remember. The nature hotel is a great place for weddings, birthdays, groups of friends, family reunions or other gatherings.

The experience will be unique and we promise both wonderful dining experiences, long conversations and joint time with work side by side. Suitable group sizes are from 8 to a little over 20 people, but up to 30 people also works with a little planning.

We also cooperate with other facilities and can arrange so that some sleep in another place, but that camp life, the party and the togetherness are shared by everyone.

Do you want to book Nyrups Naturhotell as a party venue or as a place for a family group, birthday celebration or anniversary? Click the link below and it will take you to our form, we’ll help you customize your experience.

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