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More about Nyrups Naturhotell

More about Nyrups Naturhotell

Finding Nyrups Naturhotell – In the middle of Skåne

Less than an hour from Kastrup/Copenhagen and right in the middle of Scania. You can easily reach us by train/bus or by car – or will you come walking along the Skåneleden trail?

The nearest train station is Höör, the nearest local bus station is Frostavallen, about five kilometers of hiking on nice hiking trails, we will send you an arrival map!

By car, you follow our arrival map, which you receive via email before arrival. Be careful NOT to follow GPS or google maps, then you will unfailingly get lost. The arrival route is via dirt road and forest road to our small parking lot – then you walk the last kilometer.

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Why a Naturhotel?

Nyrups Naturhotell


Nyrups Naturhotell is owned by Robusta AB, which in turn is wholly owned by Camilla Jönsson. Camilla an ecologist and has broad experience of sustainability levels in all types of sectors (state, regional, municipal, private and non-profit) – with a special interest in everything from sustainable organisations, outdoor cooking, landscape development, guiding and leadership.

When Camilla is not working with her own companies Nyrups Naturhotell and Robusta Äventyr, she works with the development of sustainable nature tourism and the sustainable hospitality industry in general, including working with the industry organization Naturturismföretagen.

History of Nyrup’s Naturhotell

Nyrup’s Naturhotell. was founded in 2014 by Camilla Jönsson and Cecilia Timner. Camilla had then founded Robusta Áventyr in 2012 and Cecilia ran Nyrup’s Osteria. Cecilia’s basic idea with Nyrups Osteria was to offer experiences of nature with stillness and presence in focus – and then offer, in addition to the farm shop and own produced blue cheese, lovely cheese walks.

“The best experience of nature is achieved in silence on a stump with silence as your only company” according to Cecilia, who also highlighted the convenience of the experience at the Naturhotellet as a central part.

Camilla Jönsson (Robusta Äventyr) has as its basic idea to create a genuine nature experience with community and presence in focus – with the fire and common slow experiences at the center.

“Through the slowness and presence by the fire, with joint dependence on each other’s efforts, the guest gets a unique sense of presence that lasts for a long time,” says Camilla.

Nyrup’s Naturhotell was invented over a cup of coffee and the fact that Mongolian yurts are used is more of a coincidence. Surely other “rooms” could also have provided the combination of closeness to nature, comfort and style that characterizes Nyrup’s Naturhotell.

Nyrup’s Naturhotell. is above all a genuine experience of the Swedish and Scandinavian nature. The central thing is also that Nyrups Naturhotell has the guest at the center, and as a guest you are a co-creator of the experience.

A common focus has always been sustainability in the broad perspective, something that is also central to the overall experience at Nyrup’s Naturhotell.

Cecilia Timner closed down the business at Nyrups Osteria in 2019 and sold the farm. Then she also chose to leave Nyrups Naturhotell, but remains as a landowner. Camilla Jönsson then took over the operation completely and transferred the business to Robusta AB, where Nyrups Naturhotell is now an independent brand.

Prizes and awards

Nyrups Naturhotell has been awarded in several different ways since its inception in 2014.

Autumn 2017 – Hostel of the Year by the guests with the pillow of the year award (Swedish Tourist Association): “A completely unique facility in the middle of the most beautiful of Scania’s beech forests. Here guests are offered a magical cultural, nature and food experience with fantastic service. A place that resembles someone else with an unexpectedly luxurious feel. Can it get cozier than this?”

Autumn 2017 – Region Skåne’s environmental award: “Nyrups Naturhotell gets to share in Region Skåne’s environmental award 2017 for the realization of a hard-to-beat and unique nature experience, without electricity, running water and without a road to the facility. At Nyrups Naturhotell, the visitor lives in handmade huts from Mongolia with insulation of felted wool. Here there is room for community during the outdoor cooking, presence in the slow chores and reflection in the silence and the natural light.”

2016 – Höör municipality’s environmental award

2015 – Experience of the year (Svenska Turistföreningen): “For a display of comfort that challenges the guest’s senses and ideas about what a hostel can offer. When you have closed the door of the Mongolian woolen hut, you step into a new world where human encounters take on a new framing and you can exhale between hiking trails and volcanoes.”

It is a merit that you are a certified nature guide when you apply for working with us. You can find more information at https://certifieradnaturguide.se
Nyrups Naturhotell

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