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Glamping - a new concept or just a more luxurious natural experience?

Glamping – a new concept or just a more luxurious natural experience?

Glamping has finally reached Sweden – and the range of glamping in Sweden today is widely varied. There is everything from super comfortable accommodation with high service levels and luxurious breakfasts, to simply furnished tents in a garden, to genuine and deep natural experiences with an ‘all inclusive’ set up.

The direct translation of the word glamping is ‘glamorous camping’. Exactly how it is then interpreted depends on how you define the word ‘camping’. For many, camping is synonymous with a camping site where there is usually a utilities house, some activities and shops or a restaurant.

For others, camping is connected to the forest and hiking, cycling or another activity that is pleasant to do in a hiking area or on a hiking trail.

Glamping – a more luxurious natural experience without the sleeping mat, sleeping bag or a tent to crawl into

For us glamping means a simpler and more enjoyable way of being absorbed by a genuine natural experience. We are closer to the more outdoor orientated interpretation of camping and a bit further away from the extra luxury that sometimes takes over the interpretation of glamping.

But of course it is luxurious to be given unique, locally sourced ingredients to make meals from over the open fire, only need to bring a small rucksack for up to four nights in the woods, having a door to shut and a comfortable bed to climb into in the evening. Not forgetting the fact that a heater in the hut feels extra cosy if it is raining, and that Älvan – our larger communal hut – offers the perfect place to be even if the weather is rougher.

Nyrups Naturhotell is a place to come to if you want to enjoy a unique and deep nature experience and at the same time don’t want to buy all the equipment, pack it all in a big rucksack and sleep in a low tent with a sleeping bag and sleeping mat on uneven ground. With us you get to be really outdoors in nature and taking care of yourselves in our well-organized camp in the woods.

Here you get a comfortable bed with freshly laundered sheets, a unique menu with locally produced ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a two-bed room with a heater, kerosene lamp and wash basin.

You will get to experience a wonderful private visit to our bathhouse and good cooking by yourselves over the open fire at the same time as camp life with others while washing up and fixing with the wood and while waiting for the coffee to boil.

Glamping’s history internationally and in Sweden

The word ‘glamping’ first appeared in 2005 in the UK. In 2016, it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. In Sweden, glamping first appeared during the Corona pandemic 2019-2021.

Historically however, more comfortable camping has existed since the 16th century and has taken different forms depending on the activity and target group. Examples are trips made by nobility over hundreds of years or safari tours in Africa.

Synonyms of glamping are ‘luxurious camping’ or ‘comfortable camping’. Nyrups Naturhotell is closer to ‘comfortable camping’. and we have chosen to put more focus into the natural experience than the concept of luxury.

Nyrups Naturhotell was started in 2014, when neither glamping or close-to-nature accommodation were established concepts in Sweden. We have therefore chosen not to define ourselves as glamping, even if we were one of the first in Sweden in that category. But the fact is that Nyrups Naturhotell is a comfortable camping experience – which makes us one of Sweden and Skåne’s operators in just glamping. However, above all we are a hotel in the middle of the woods – close to nature, for real.

If you would like to read more about glamping you can find good information here.

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