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Ecotourism - travel and experience in a positive way!

Ecotourism – travel and experience in a positive way!

Traveling and experiencing is natural and fundamental to humans. This is how our societies and cultures develop and this is how we create development and new skills. At the same time, it is becoming more and more obvious that the way we usually travel and experience these days is painfully unsustainable.

We at Nyrups Naturhotell see tourism and the hospitality industry as an entirely positive force – if it is done right. Nature tourism is a strong driving force in Swedish rural development and in many places nature tourism is the putty and the energy that ensures that services are maintained and developed in sparsely populated areas. Tourism also creates many entry-level jobs for young people and new Swedes, and by starting a sustainable hospitality industry, we are building a strong network economy that also strengthens Swedish small-scale food production.

But it requires that tourism is truly sustainable in all dimensions.

Ecotourism – the basic definition

Ecotourism is simply experiences in nature and culture. It is carried out with caution and with the least possible wear and tear on the natural and cultural values of the destination. The purpose is to preserve the biological diversity and the cultural values that the visitor came to experience.

A company that works with ecotourism actively contributes to nature conservation and protects culture, has local roots and benefits the local economy. They show respect for people living in the destination and create dignified encounters with the local population. The basis is always based on what nature and culture can withstand, and the aim is often to make available experiences that may be difficult for a visitor to take part in on their own.

We who work with ecotourism are at the forefront in terms of environmental and climate adaptation and act as a guide and source of inspiration for the entire hospitality industry. If you accompany an ecotourism company out, you will gain insight and knowledge about nature, culture, environment and development issues.

Ecotourism is experiences that are marketed in a responsible way that also lead to realistic expectations of the guest. Companies that work with ecotourism place sustainability requirements on suppliers, colleagues and guests. The goal of ecotourism is simply to create work and livelihoods in a way that is positive for natural and cultural values and the local economy and community. Ecotourism is simply a way to eat cake and keep it at the same time!

With ecotourism as a tool, we combine nature protection, defense of biological diversity and cultural considerations, with economic and social development, both on a smaller and larger scale in both Sweden and abroad. In this way, nature and culture acquire an economic value and become part of the bioeconomy.

Quite simply – if you want to travel and experience in a modern and sustainable way – look for companies that work with ecotourism. For example, you can be inspired by the website for Nature’s Best, the unique quality label for Swedish ecotourism: https://naturesbestsweden.com.

Nyrups Naturhotell – genuine Swedish ecotourism

The very purpose of Nyrup’s Naturhotell is to create strong nature experiences so that guests have an easier time making sustainable choices at home. We work entirely with ecotourism and for us it is easy to choose the local suppliers, to buy what can be recycled, to care for our equipment, to work with a sustainable small scale and to raise the values that exist in our immediate area for sustainable visits.

Of course, we have a collective agreement, work in the local business association, minimize our climate impact and optimize as far as we can to support the local economy. This is also why we have customized menus, encourage you as a guest to travel by public transport and offer all inclusive so that we minimize the total flows of raw materials and equipment. We compost waste and shop as much as possible without single-use packaging.

With us, you can be sure to enjoy a sustainability-maximized nature experience.

Ecotourism policy Robusta AB

Nyrups Naturhotell and Robusta Äventyr

Robusta AB is a sustainable company from all aspects. Our business concept is to actively translate the value of the place into sustainable guest experiences in order to awaken the guest’s fascination and feeling for nature and create a genuine natural presence.

We always work as close to the location as possible in all details, but realize that for a reasonably rational way of working we need to coordinate and streamline in order to save both finances and the environment.

Responsibility for the place is crucial and we always build experiences that protect the place and ecosystem. We always choose what is environmentally sustainable, even though we realize that we sometimes have to prioritize efficiency. In those cases, we choose the next best, and never sacrifice basic sustainability.

We work with guests who are not used to nature, which places high demands on security in communication and arrangements, while at the same time a genuine and challenging experience is necessary to create fascination and genuine presence. We therefore prioritize a personal tone and presence in all guest contacts and always start from the guest’s perspective in the creation of products and experiences

Our overall objective is to work circularly and regeneratively at all levels, which is also shown in our responsibility for the places, biotopes and ecosystems in which we have our experiences.

Nyrups Naturhotell

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