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Eat and sleep at Nyrup, the hotel that is close to nature

Eat and sleep at Nyrup, the hotel that is close to nature

Here you go to sleep in the stillness, and wake to the dawn light or bird song.

Staying in a truly natural hotel is a completely different experience to staying in a normal hotel.

You get a comfortable stay whenever you stay with us, but some of the things that are part of your daily life are missing – such as electricity, running water and a road right to the door.

Since your days with us are so different you are certain to get memories for life.

Natural light and darkness, stars and the sound of the wind

Here the silence is almost physical. After two nights in the woods at Nyrups Naturhotell you have grounded yourself and landed both in yourself and in the soul of the forest.

We have a total of six wool huts with two or three beds, and when you book you always get your own wool hut. The huts are scattered in the forest like small hotel rooms, and all guests have access to the outdoor kitchen and Älvan, the communal hut. Here you can enjoy warmth, food and rest, even if the rain is pattering against the canvas roof.

Our beds have comfortable mattresses, duvets, pillows, woollen blankets and real sheets that you make your bed with when you arrive – a natural part of settling into camp life.

In the wool hut there is also a heater which is usually running when you arrive. It can be used throughout the day – but when you go to sleep we recommend that you turn it off. Of course, we have extra blankets as well as hot water bottles and sleeping bags to use if it gets really cold.

In autumn and spring, it is important to bring extra thermal underwear to sleep in and maybe also a hat and warm socks to wear in bed.

At Nyrups Naturhotell there are two compost toilets that guests share – and all guests pee behind a suitable tree. We also have a bathhouse where you will get a booked time so that you can also enjoy the bathing ritual once during your stay.

Food and eating in the beech woods at Nyrups Naturhotell

With us you as the guest are the most important puzzle bit in the whole experience. This is also the case with the food and fixing around the fire. We work with local ingredients and you cook all the food yourselves. All equipment is there for you to use, and we fix a basket with ingredients for dinner that you can enjoy, with new menus each night which are adjusted to the season and the guests. We can promise that by the time you leave you will be an expert with fire, however little experience you have when you arrive.

Sustainability is key for us – therefore good locally produced vegetables and root vegetables are the main focus of our menus, accompanied by locally produced pasture-raised meat or wild meat. Vegetarian menus are no problem, and we can also fix vegan menus. Since we never have ready-made food, and almost all ingredients are produced in Sweden then as a vegetarian or vegan you might get different food to what you are used to.

The idea with the food is to create a moment for companionship. The menus are adapted to the group so that everyone will be making and eating the same food. So this is a good chance to hang out together by the fire, and we are sure there will be some great conversations!

The best breakfast is one made by the fire! We have stocked up on good ingredients that you can use to make a hearty brunch by the fire. Breakfasts here are long, with nice conversations and companionship while cooking together.

If you stay for two or more nights then we usually have prepared lunches that you can take with you and warm on the camping stove that you can borrow from us. Of course you can also add a picnic lunch if you want to go hiking on the day you are checking out, but you need to let us know when making your booking.

With our local cheese plate you get a little extra luxurious feeling, which is a great start to your stay, whether you are just a few or more guests. We also have fun and special days out where you combine hiking, cooking over an open fire and maybe our bathhouse with a soup lunch or cheese plate.

At Nyrups Naturhotell we can promise you good food, where you as the guest create a delicious meal over the fire. For groups we can also arrande guided cooking. We can assure you that it will be an experience hard to beat with plenty of action over the crackling fires!

Cooking is done on our outdoor fires, so it is always good to have your rain clothes to hand. Since our start in 2014, we have only had two times where it has been difficult to cook due to the weather – and then we always have the portable camping stoves as back up. Something that can be limiting is extremely dry weather when making fires is forbidden, but our fires are safe and we have only ever had to fix with fire-free alternatives for a few days in 2018. However, you won’t be without a cooking experience that is close to nature, whatever happens.

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