Booking terms

Terms and conditions 2021

Nyrup’s Naturhotell is available via our own web and telephone/email where you can find overnight stays, adventure packages and group activities/conferences. Booking is possible no later than 14 days prior to stay.

The purchase/booking becomes binding as soon as it is confirmed orally or in text by us. These terms are applied from that moment whether you pay the arrangement in whole, in part or not at all. If our products are booked in channels other than directly through Nyrup’s Naturhotell, other terms may be applied.

Booking rules for companies and organizations
25% of the sum (booking fee) is claimed at the time of booking, the remainder is claimed in a final payment no later than 10 days before the stay. Cancellation no later than 45 days prior to the stay will result in a refund of the booking fee.

Booking rules for individuals
Individuals are billed/pay at the time for the booking.

Special rules for private guests due to the coronapandemic situation
It is important for us that you’re completely healthy at arrival and that you show no symptoms connected to Covid 19. Therefore, you can move your booking forward without any costs during 2020 and 2021.

Cancellation charges
From 11 days to 2 days before arrival 75% of the total amount.
From 1 day to 0 days before arrival 100% of the total sum.

Nyrup’s Naturhotell will cancel your stay at a weather warning from SMHI on class 2. The guest will then receive a credit reciept on the booking to use on another occasion within 12 months.

Cancellation cover
A voluntary cancellation cover (SEK 200/person) can be signed for the booking. The protection applies only in the event of cancellation due to acute illness, accident or death that has affected a traveller or a close relative. This should be verified with a medical certificate which must be delivered to us no later than 10 days after cancellation.

Insurance and personal security
Nyrup’s Naturhotell has customary business and liability insurances, and we also work with the Swedish law connected to product safety (Produktsäkerhetslagen) as a base. You need to follow the safety instructions at the Naturhotell, and please remember if you do not follow our safety instructions, you may be expelled from the facility. Review your personal insurance cover before your stay.

Any complaints must be made as soon as possible on the spot
If you leave the venue or event without giving us a reasonable time to resolve the issue, you will lose the right to compensation. Claims for compensation must then be submitted to us in writing no later than 30 days after the stay.

Guidelines for data security and personal data management
By paying, you agree to our processing of personal data. The purpose is to enable general guest administration, but also to secure that we have access to reliable personal documentation if an accident occurs, to fulfil the conditions for cancellation protection and to administer and treat any damages. The information may also be used to inform about our own offers. The customer may also be contacted for marketing purposes and follow-up of our stay. Your comments may be published on our website as a tool for other travellers.

As a customer, you can choose to unsubscribe as a recipient of newsletters at any time. We delete all mail after two years and review our mailing lists and remove inactive addresses after two years. If you want to be deleted in advance, just send an email to or just click on the link in the very rare newsletters we send every year.

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